Friday, April 29, 2016

Thorough and Efficient Education - Video Lectures

Dr. Lodge McCammon:

"My lecture videos are always available to my students. They can re-watch them anywhere, anytime & as many times as they need in order to process the information. There is no need to ever repeat it live in the classroom. The average length of my video lectures is 15 minutes. If I show them during class, in periods 1 2 and 3, that would take a total of 45 minutes. 

There are 60 topics. That’s 2,700 minutes of lecture video viewing in the classroom. These videos save me from 9,900 minutes of exhausting repetition...but more importantly, they allow me to free up 9,900 minutes every semester that I can used to personalize instruction.

I use my lecture videos & these active learning strategies to provide a thorough & efficient education for all of my students."

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