Monday, June 22, 2015

Teaching Tip: 5 Ways to Use YouTube for Teaching and Learning

My colleague and friend, Greg Steinke, U of M CCE. created a great YouTube video about how to use YouTube for teaching and learning.  In fact, he has created a series of five videos -- one for each of the "5 Ways" that he introduces in this video.  Just click on them at the end of this video.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Who Wants Change?

George Couros wrote, "I saw the above picture a few months ago, and it is one that has resonated with me. When we talk about “change”, it is often something we think about when talking about others, and rarely in connection with ourselves. It is easy to want others to change, but it always starts with “us” and our attitudes to change."

During the past two years, I have actively participated in a task force for accessibility, a task force for online learning, a formal community of practice (fCoP) for academic technology, an fCoP for video conferencing, and a few others.  Membership in these various groups included adminstrators, academic technologists, IT developers, and faculty.  Many wonderful plans were made for change, and hundreds of hours were spent developing plans to implement these changes.  But for many reasons, these wonderful plans are probably just going to sit there, on someone's shelf,  Look at the second image above . . . it tells the story.