Friday, May 30, 2014

It's Time for Education to Catch Up With Our Technologically enhanced Society

"Students deserve a relevant, modern, customized education that helps them acquire 21st century skills.  So does American society.

Our curriculum delivery mechanism has remained unchanged for generations. Teachers run classes as extended lectures and send students home to complete homework assignments, often alone and confused.  It's a practice that is particularly disadvantageous for students who lack a conducive home environment.

We need pioneering innovations to make their way into more of our courses, like the "flipped classroom" model.  In this model, educational material like lectures and other video is consumed by a student alone outside of the classroom, while "homework" and other practical learning-oriented exercises are done in the classroom, where students have access to resources and assistance.

Technology may be the silver bullet to enhance the material and the way we teach.  Our students already live in a a tech-saturated culture, so they will certainly welcome such change."