Monday, November 15, 2010

Teaching in One-Minute Snippets

A New Mexico college is successfully integrating micro-lectures into classroom instruction. Can students and faculty members benefit from 60-second chunks of knowledge?

In the November 10, 2010 issue of Campus Technology, Bridget McCrea reports that David Penrose's "micro-lectures" -- or "knowledge bursts" -- break the lecture content down to specific topics, but without the explanation. These 60-second lectures are delivered online, in the form of podcasts. Classroom time is spent on active-learning, knowledge-building, assignments.

Students access and view the lectures on their computers via the college's course management system and can also download the snippets to their mobile devices. Some of the lectures contain only an audio component, while others include both audio and video.

Said Penrose, "With micro-lectures, instead of trying to cram an entire textbook into 16 weeks, professors can link the content they're teaching more closely to specific learning objectives, thus creating a more focused learning experience."