Monday, July 13, 2015

Google+ Tips for Successful Teachers

Build on student-teacher relationships and build student engagement by using Google+

1) Teach with Hangouts:  You can successfully plan teaching sessions with this feature. If your students are away, or you, yourself, are away, this can be quite useful. You can also bring in a guest lecturer with Hangouts.

2) Research with Sparks:  The Sparks feature helps in researching the various topics that might apply to your course.

3) Connect with Circles:  Create a circle for a course and connect with your students, share resources and exchange notes.

4) Share Google Reader:  Google Reader is an excellent platform that allows you to subscribe to relevant content and then allow your students to access Google Reader to find that content.

5) Easy to Add Media:  With Google+ it is very easy to add media. All you need is a single click, drag and drop and your media is ready to go.

6) Learning Sessions with Video Chat:  You can conduct learning sessions, review sessions, office hours, and so on, using video chat.

7) Select Who Can See Your Message:  This option is available within Google+ so that you can choose whom you share with.

8) Instant Upload:  You can share contents easily and instantly. Anything from photos, documents to videos can be shared.

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