Monday, August 6, 2012

Apple TV in the Classroom: The New Smart Board


Thanks to a gift from a UMM Alum, Kimberly Hiland, we have begun experimenting with integrating the Apple TV into classroom teaching here at UMM. If you would like to see the Apple TV and iPad in action, come to HFA 35 or give me a call (Pam, 6376) and I will be glad to give you a demo.

High School Principal David Mahaley is using this approach and offers his insights, and observations from educators in his school.

"With the integration of the iPad into the instructional environment, teachers and students have discovered many new ways in which the device can expand and enhance the learning environment. With the iPad, the Apple TV can offer a flexible, complete, and cost efficient alternative to the traditional interactive boards populating our classrooms.

...The use of the Apple TV in combination with an iPad in the instructor's hand provides a mobile platform from which classroom activities can be initiated. Through the use of several apps, teachers can provide notes, display steps and processes to problems, initiate the display of media (pausing and resuming as needed from any location in the classroom), and allow students to participate from their own seats in a variety of interactive activities. This is different than the remote control of a connected teacher laptop to a traditional interactive board. Movement within and between apps is measurably better than the laptop interface, and navigation on the iPad screen directly to the Apple TV is visually more intuitive."

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