Thursday, September 16, 2010

Teaching in this Century

How do we transform current teaching-centered practice to learning-centered practice, using the technologies of today?

The 10 rules included in this "Campus Technologies" article suggest the depth of change that's occurring on campuses right now.

1) Re-examine and adopt the move from teaching to learning.
2) Re-visit the accountability measures on your campus (student learning outcomes).
3) Make a corollary change in assessment.
4) Insist on teaching only in technology-enabled classrooms.
5) Make sure your students have technology management tools of their own.
6) Insist on faculty having management tools for their own professional development.
7) Do not discard the lecture or class discussion approach when appropriate.
8) Make sure your students have a digital repository of some sort (portfolio, wiki, blog, etc.)
9) Require your students to interpret their collected online evidence at regular intervals.
10) Make the collection of evidence the primary work in the course.

Read the entire article and comments.

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