Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Easy Video with the Flip Video Ultra

I broke down and bought a Flip Video Ultra with my personal funds. I just wanted to get going and try this thing, without having to beg for it at my job. What a neat little video camera! I've been able to take it along with me everywhere (I carry it around in my purse and can just pull it out whenever I want to).

YouTube Video about the Flip Video Ultra:


  1. I did the same!! I went on a technology visit with my school administrators and they introduced us to this great device!! I have been able to catch creative learning and post them on my school website or link through email to other teachers. It has been great for my club that I host at school, iMovie Creators. I can video tape my students and plug into the computer and export the movie and with in minutes the students can be editing their movie!! Great gadget!!

  2. Its the best Video camera i ever had! i brought my Flip Mino about 3 weeks back, and its awesome!
    My Youtube videos looks so much better and i can simply put them to my computer directly with USB cable.
    Everyone reading this page must try the youtube video Author posted above!