Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Student Response Systems - "Clickers"

The University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, Digital Media Center has standardized on a student response system. They have selected the Turning Point system. Turning Point has provided a plug-in for WebVista, so that student response cards can be associated directly with registered students in a course. The plug-in also enables in-class "clicker" quizzes and exams to be directly integrated in the WebVista gradebook.

An e-commerce site is being worked on, so that students will be able to purchase clickers via the UMART online store. RF (radio frequency) response cards will sell for $28. Faculty may purchase an RF receiver (USB receiver) for $99. Until the UMART site is set up for purchasing clickers and receivers, please contact Pam Gades at 589-6376 or via email pam@morris.umn.edu to make arrangements for your classes.

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