Thursday, December 13, 2007


We all have this wonderful tool available for our use -- the U of M ePortfolio. The University provides individualized content for each of us, including a photo (UCard photo), contact information, college and major, transcript, graduation information, and so on. We can think of this as our electronic file cabinet in which we can store information by and about ourselves, such as writing samples, photographs or design samples, video clips, music clips, resumes, internship experiences or mentors. As owners of our information, we can choose to share either part or all of our portfolio with other individuals.

You can see your ePortfolio at Log iin using your InternetID and password.

Portfolio provides an efficient way to document and reflect upon personal information, educational accomplishments, career goals, skills development, professional practices, and recognition received. We can retrieve and view our documents at any time and organize components into folders for others to access. We are allowed to keep our portfolio for life, as long as we access our account at least once every six months. Storage allowed is 5 gigabytes.

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